Industrial Wastewater Treatment Products


CETCO Oilfield Services helps customers treat their wastewater with a comprehensive line of quality products and services aimed at meeting performance requirements consistently and cost-effectively. Our trusted RM-10® line of bentonite clay-based products, liquid flocculants, coagulants, filtration media, and solidification and stabilization agents contain non-hazardous sodium bentonite clay, minerals, polymers, and other proprietary materials.


These products allow a safe, simple, and economical means for pre-treatment and disposal. Our industrial wastewater treatment products treat industrial waste streams on-site in one simple step; giving you a low cost alternative to off-site treatment.

Treatment Applications:

Heavy Metals Removal

Ceramic Slurry Treatment

Coolants, Die-casting & Dye Penetrants

Fats, Oil & Grease Removal – including waste machine oil coolant

Filter Press Systems

Metal Finishing, Parts Washing

Sludge Thickening and Conditioning DAF (dissolved Air Flotation)

Steam Cleaning

Tank Washing

Vacuum Drum System

Vibratory De-Burring

Clay-based Flocculants & Media:  RM-10AccoFloc

Treatment Benefits:

Clarifies wastewater


Turns hazardous & general industrial wastewater into clean water and a non-hazardous sludge cake


Removes oil, grease, heavy metals, and suspended solids


Dries sludge for transport, locking up hazardous components to pass the Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) Test Procedure or solidifies hazardous liquids for disposal


Removes soluble organics and soluble metals


Removes trace metals and allows resulting floc to settle faster and releases water for drier sludge cakes


Our Trusted Technologies:

RM-10® A non-hazardous blend of sodium bentonite, pH adjusting agents, polymers, and other proprietary components that offers generators of various wastewater streams. Read more about RM-10


AccoFloc® High-swelling sodium bentonite clays, selected for their unique ion exchange capability, increase clarity and remove trace metals from wastewater. Read more about AccoFloc


PM-100& PM-199™ A chemically modified clay/anthracite filtration media that removes oil, grease and other low-solubility, high-molecular weight organics. Read more about PM-100 & PM199


LiquiSorb® A granular cross-linked super absorbent media. It is ideally suited for the absorption and solidification of general industrial wastewaters. Read more about LiquiSorb


PitDry™ OP and PitDry™ HDD A revolutionary new application is the only one on the market that converts spent drilling fluids into disposable, dumpable solids in minutes. You simply pump spent fluid through one of our partner’s patented mixers while adding our PitDry reagent. Read more about PitDry


Sorbond® A proprietary blend of clay and inorganic minerals that is highly effective in the stabilization and solidification of heavy metals and wastewater containing organic matter. Read more about Sorbond


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